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The Excellent insulation efficiency of SPF can reduce heating and cooling usage dramatically.

White Roof coating has the ability to help reduce cooling costs for buildings with A/C units, and to help reduce interior temperatures on buildings with no cooling units.

Roof coating can help in Energy savings and global warming mitigation
-Cool roof rating council

The heat island effect is is a metropolitan which is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas. The main cause of the urban heat island is modification of the land surface by urban development which uses materials which effectively retain heat

White roof coating can help decrease the “heat island effect”
-Cool roof rating council

Apply roof coatings to a clean dry surface.

Make sure the roof is prepped and cleaned properly in order to get proper adhesion to the roof substrate.

“Cool roofs are one of the quickest and lowest-cost ways we can reduce our global carbon emissions and begin the hard work of slowing climate change.”
-Steven chu; Energy Czar
Source: Florida today

To get the maximum life span out of your roof, make periodic inspections and clean your drains in order to maintain the integrity of your roof.