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Statewide Unlicensed Contractor Sweep

Posted by Reception on February 10th, 2012 at 5:02 pm

CONTACT: Tyler Palmer, Public Information Officer
The Registrar of Contractors conducted a statewide sweep of construction sites during the third week of December. The sweep covered areas from Flagstaff to Tucson. This sweep identified 42 jobsites, opened 18 investigations into unlicensed contracting, and found 2 contractors working on suspended or inactive licenses.

The Registrar of Contractors advises homeowners to protect themselves by hiring licensed contractors. Licensed contractors offer many protections to the property owner. For example, licensed contractors must pass contractor exams and demonstrate adequate experience to perform the construction authorized by their license. Licensed contractors also must possess insurance and bonds that provide financial protection if an accident occurs on your property, or the work doesn’t comply with minimum construction standards.
“Protecting the people of Arizona from illegal contracting is our top priority”, said William Mundell, Director of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.
The Registrar of Contractors advises homeowners to protect themselves against fraudulent contractors by

•Consulting the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, , to ensure the contractor is licensed.
•Asking for written estimates from at least three contractors.
•Requesting a list of references, and checking them before agreeing to hire anyone.
•Making sure the scope of the project, the price, the responsibility to obtain building permits, and any other relevant terms are spelled out in a written contract.
•Avoiding contractors who require large upfront payments.
•Never allowing yourself to be hurried into making a decision. No reputable contractor will pressure you into a quick hiring decision.
Other tips about hiring qualified contractors can be found at .
For more information or to request an interview with Director Mundell, contact Tyler Palmer, Public Information Officer of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors at (602) 771-6710.